We focus on delivering usable, responsive applications and publications that people enjoy consuming.

Web site development

We build highly effective web sites that help you sell your product effectively. Using WordPress we make sure you can maintain yourself.

App development

Your customers are increasingly mobile first. We can build web apps and a mobile version of your web site so your content is appropriate for the medium through which it is consumed.

Publication design and layout

Our in-house team of expert designer can help you create a beautiful publication that gets your message across with style. We are experts in online and offline publishing.

Localizing your content

Through our main company – Strategic Agenda – we have professional and in-house and external translators who can make sure your message is persuasive in any lanaguage.

Refreshing your brand

If you find that your corporate documents are out of step with the image you want to project get in touch and we’ll help you refresh your logo and stationery.

Digital strategy consultancy

From cloud-based applications to leveraging big data,  our consultants can help you choose the right digital strategy for your business.

Get in touch to refresh your digital strategy